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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

And now for some scripture

From the Book of Obamaticus, 3: 16. The responsorial will be "Yes we can":

And the Lord OBAMA did smite the two-headed serpent Billary, and she did shed her delegates, and it was Good.

Yes we can!

And then did the mentally deficient rise up and say unto the masses,"Yea, though he be horrid, let us shift our vote to McCain, for our Hillary has been smote."

Yes we can!

Book of Mason-Dixon, 13: 15.

But OBAMA did so love the world that he sent before him a white man, called "running mate", of the South or Middle-West, of middle age, to clear the way and let the masses Know how He should be recognized. And they Saw the Truth, and yea, they knew Truth."

And the "running mate," his Hair was Good.

Yes we can![1]

And for more on the Messiah.

On a related note, the First United Church of Obama's Eyebrow held its first mass this weekend in Chicago, where believers gazed at the sacred relic, held in a temperature-controlled cubicle with pyrex walls. Some claimed to have experienced a feeling not unlike the rapture.[2] Among the congregation was R&B sensation Beyonce, who recently topped the Billboard charts with her Urban Gospel number Barack Obama, I love yo' mama.[3]

[1] Seen here.

[2] Snicker away, heathen - the day is upon us.

[3] This is not a title I made up. I heard the very same song performed by these fantastic people, who - in spite of their support for Sen. Obama - have made mocking his cult status a running gag on their shows.