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Monday, July 10, 2006

Making babies, not war

Meanwhile, on the blogsphere...

Annie Zaidi said -

...and since they make life, they are stronger and smarter than the other half. And they wouldn't have fought wars, since thats not what life-makers do.

And there was much rejoicing...

Dilip D'souza was among those who were impressed.

Fine, fine! He declared.

And all was happy in the world.

But not quite (dun! dun! dun!)

The Great Bong didn't like what was going on. No sir!
...said he to Supergirl.

And then turned his attention to Dilip.

And there was much rejoicing.

"Man, I'm good", thought Greatbong, and since he was on a roll, he went and beat up on Superman.
And Krrish too...

OK, OK! I'll stop now.

But, seriously, the question of women in the army is one that needs to be looked at more closely. So I shall turn to the opinion of Brian K. Vaughan, who knows all about women, the army and mutant superheroes too. So we asked Brian the following questions.

Q: Well, Brian, since women are not known for starting wars, raping, pillaging, looting, and doing all those other nasty things that people trapped in men's bodies to, don't you think that we could just stop wars by doing away with all the men?


Q: What! But all wars in the past have been fought by men over land, women and other shit. Isn't it all about boys and their pissing contests?


Q: But why would women want to take anything by force? They're not biologically created that way?

Q: Umm, well that may be true, but in the past women have never shown any desire to start wars. And since women have been the biggest losers in war, wouldn't you think they would do their best to maintain peace?

BKV:Q: Well, I suppose it makes sense that women would wage war. After all, they're stronger, can take more pain and are more courageous than men. In fact, don't you think they're more suited to being in the army than men are?

BKV:Q: Oh, come on. Who needs physical strength in the army these days? How much strength or skill does it take to fire a missile? And anyway, women are better at handling ferris wheels and other similarly complex machines.

BKV:Q: Are you saying that women are weaker than men? That they don't have the balls for a fight? Is that what you're saying, Mr. MCP?

Q: But all these women had to beat the system in order to rise to the top. Ultimately, they were robbed of their identity as women by the oppressive patriarchal system.

Q: Church? Where did that come from?

BKV: Sorry, I meant 'world'

Q: Aha, so you CAN write. You were just showing off with those pictures, you typical egotistical man!

Yeah, I know I was being flippant over a serious issue. If I feel like it, I might even do a more serious analysis of the women-in-army thing. For now, just humour me.

PS: All later scans from Y: The Last Man, by Brian K. Vaughan for Vertigo.