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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Dilli was visited. What larks were had.

Old friends were met and new developments in their lives were discussed.

Blogger buddies were met in real life, and friendships carried forward.

Long-lost cousins were discovered. Ah, the UHF that is blogdom.

Faces were put to names. One would have liked to spend more time with everyone, but there's only so much time.

And one was introduced to many bloggers, and their fascinating blogs, which have since been added to one's reading list.

Many, many non-bloggers were met too. After all - why should you assume that none of my friends have a life. Some of them were convinced to start blogging. One feels responsible for the drop in GDP over the next year.

There will be a post on Dilli soon enough (I should give fair warning to all the Dilliphiles reading this - its NOT going to be complimentary. Apologies to everyone who made my trip absolutely wonderful, but all of you combined cannot make me see that... place you guys live in a positive light).

But before that, a couple of posts on the main purpose of the trip - an engagement in the family. My rockstar cousin proceeded to get himself hitched. The coming together of cultures in a Bengali-Punjabi wedding can only mean that the Gamesmaster is going to do his Salim Ali thing. And how can one forget the whirligig of random relatives - in fact, this will take up two posts.

One will now get on to doing other, less important things.