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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

On the disappearance of Chicagoans

Update: The number of short stories on the 55 Word Fiction Blog is nearing the 100 mark. Some of the stories are true gems and by branching out across the tag-tree, I have come across some amazing blogs. Right now, I am completely enamoured by this lady - if I can manage to make a list of the top 10 stories, hers would be undeniably at peak position - but there are many others too.
I also have a request - there are some plans I have for the blog, but my limited knowledge of HTML makes it impossible. If there is anyone who knows how to jigger with blog templates, could you please mail me - I have some specific questions I need to ask.

This is not a post so much as a series of announcements.

1) The compilation blog is well underway - it can be found at Much thanks must be given to my co-compilers Teleute and Babelfish. Right now, we are trawling the blogsphere looking for posts that have addressed the tag - a task that makes me realise that there's a PhD on social networking to be had for some enterprising soul.
The task of compiling is made more difficult because we're making sure that we have the permission of each blogger to use his/her creation. If you would not mind waiving copyright of your work, you can leave a comment, or email me at the address that is mentioned on the blog.

2) Good news - This man has started up his blog - something I have been pestering him to do for months now. He also comes highly recommended by his beloved Uncle Prufrock. Do take a look.

3) I am in the final stages of departing for India, hence bloggin will be put on hold until I reach the motherland. The next many months will be spent there - principally Calcutta and Delhi. Fellow bloggers in both cities, please take note.

As an old friend would have said - "Peace out".