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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

New direction

This is to inform everyone that I am starting a new blog. No, I am not abandoning tatonnement (for those of you who know French, that sounded AWFUL), but I realised that there's a great deal I have to say on one particular topic - namely comics - which will not fit with the format of this blog, which is more a freewheeling, pseudo-socio-economic commentary. Also I don't want to bore the readers here by being pedantic.

This second blog will be much more technical, and many of the posts will contain references that only a seasoned comic book reader will grasp. So, unless you consider Will Eisner the next great literary influence since Gutenberg, don't bother reading it. I realise it will have little readership, if at all, but thats not the point of this one. There's just so much I feel the need to say about comics, that I have to have a place to pen them down. And since I know nobody whose knowledge on this topic is as in-depth as mine (in spite of having got my brother hooked to Brian K. Vaughan), I can't dismiss the bug through discussion.

The new blog will have no comments, and no counters/trackers. If you still want to say something regarding a post, please e-mail me. My address is in my profile.

So finally, I give you, The Daily Bugle.

Update: Damnation! I wrote up a long post on Afghans in comics, following which I accidentally navigated away from the page and - poof! So I had to rewrite it. Within a day of its launch, the Daily Bugle has degenerated into the Semiweekly Bugle. Gah!

Also, something I forgot to do earlier - The Banguluru Bloggers have formed a little clique that will meet on occasion and hatch seditious plots against the nation. They are next meeting on Independence Day to launch 'Operation Shucks and Awwww', when they will caffeinate themselves until they become human chemical weapons. What they do next is top secret - If I told you, I'd have to kill you, or make you recite the OED to Arka, whichever is worse.

Those among you who would choose blogarchy over oligarchy, join the movement and be immortalised forever in Arka's sidebar. For more details visit co-conspirators-in-chief Arka the Orc or the Mysterious Mr. Desai

Hi jinks!