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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Prince Consort?

Catching up on the JLA stories got me thinking - of all people - of Captain Steve Trevor. So who is he, you might ask. Well, Steve occupies pride of place in the comic book universe because he got to live every pubescent teenagers hidden fantasy - this is the man who actually slept with Wonder Woman.

This is, in my opinion, what sets Wonder Woman apart from all the other comic book heroines. She was a super-powered woman who settles for a very very ordinary man. True the reverse has happened many times.

Examples - Peter and Mary Jane, Ray and Jean, Ralph and Sue, Logan and Mariko and of course - Clark and Lois.

But when it comes to the comic book heroines, they just have to find a significant other who has some super-power too. List them all out - Jean, Emma, Ororo, Sue, Wanda, Janet, Barbara, Dinah - the lot of them have had relationships only with "more powerful" men.

All except for Diana, that is. This woman broke the stereotype. She was incredibly powerful (and had an outfit that was part of every geek's wet dream), but chose ordinary mortal Steve over the spandex-clad brigade.