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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Identity Crisis

Well, holidays have begun in all earnest. So time for some serious randomness.

To begin with, I have been reading Identity Crisis. Described as the Comic Event of the year, it certainly lives up to expectations. OK, so its no Crisis on Infinite Earths, but if you compare it to recent comic offerings, especially Marvel's AWFUL Avengers Disassembled, it really stands out.

I have read #1 - #6 and am eagerly awaiting #7. The murder mystery they've spun is beautifully written, and everyone is churning out incredible theories to explain them. Issue #6 gave a possible direction, but I'm really hoping its a red herring.

A common argument against IC is that its way too gritty, and will only lead to the Marvel-isation of the DC universe. Thats possibly true, and its also likely to alienate a big section of the comic reading population - kids. However, as a 25-year-old I really couldn't care less. I just love it - and frankly, DC have been pushing the envelope with their other series. Side note - anyone who loves comics just HAS to check out Y: The last man.